MavWarehouse Large Subscription

MavWarehouse Large Subscription

MavWarehouse Large Subscription offers all features included in the medium subscription but with more capacity.

This subscription is ideal for wholesalers or retailers companies that are currently using MavWarehouse and that need to quickly scale up and keep their items acquisition and sales processes automated while handling a high volume of items, this subscription will allow those companies to keep high inventory accuracy in up to 10 Warehouses.

If you need more users and more capacity, feel free to contact us so we can build a subscription according to your specific needs.


    – 10 users.
    – 1 Warehouse.
    – 4 extra Warehouses.
    – Up to 20 additional users.
    – Up to 5 additional warehouses.
    – Purchase, Sales and Transfer Orders.
    – Invoices and Bills Generation.
    – Encrypted Data Storage.
    – Secure Data Access anywhere by HTTPS/Login.
    – Reports generation.
    – Technical support.
    – Fast Warehouse configuration.
    – Email Alerts.
    – Up to 100,000 Items.
    – Up to 100,000 Warehouse locations.
    – Up to 100 Customers.
    – Up to 50 Providers.
    – Up to 1000 Brands.
    – Up to 1000 Item sizes.
    – Up to 1000 Item categories.
    – Up to 1000 Item types.