Mavware FAQs

Mavware FAQs

Are you new to Mavware Enterprise Network (or Mavware Cloud)? Then Mavware FAQs page you will be a helpful resource for you to find quick answers.

In addition to our Mavware FAQs, you can also check the Mavware Howtos page in which you will find awesome videos to show you how easy is to use our Mavware Cloud.

1) How much do I have to pay to create a Company Administrator account in Mavware?

Answer: Nothing, it is for free!!!

2) How much it costs to subscribe to a Business Application I need for my business?

Answer: It depends on the Business Application you choose, visit and click in “Learn more” button to review the subscription prices of the Business Application you need.

3) Do I need to sign a contract to get access to an available service?

Answer: No, you just pay for the time you want to use our Business Applications you just need to read and accept our Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, when you pay for a subscription for first time, you will pay the price for one month, then our autopay process will collect the payment for you month by month or you can disable the autopay process and manually pay the subscription renewal for the number of months you want up to a year to extend your subscription access expiration date, however, we recommend you to keep enrolled to our autopay feature to prevent missing payments that will cause subscription interruption.

4) What if I want to use a Business Application but I don't have a registered company yet?

Answer: Well, while Mavware expects you to register a truly existing company in the United States of America, if you are freelance professional you can register your name as the company in Mavware as long as that name is available in Mavware, and then you can get your service access, at the end of the day we charge for a particular service access, but those accesses needs to be related to a Company.

5) What happens if my company name is already taken by another user in Mavware?

Answer: Here we have a similar situation that also happens in social networks with user’s names, when somebody takes your name already in a social network typically what happens is that you will have to use a prefix like “real”, in your company name, you can do same thing in Mavware.

6) Is it possible to grant access to other members of my company to Mavware services?

Answer: Absolutely! once you get your Company Administrator Account, you can create more users from Mavware or from your available service.

7) Is it possible to configure user roles in Mavware services?

Answer: Yes, because we offer easy-to-use Business Applications for a lot of different companies with their own structures and hierarchies, we keep it simple so we support the basic user roles in order to fit as much companies we can, this approach, reduces considerable the time spent configuring our Business Applications in your end, see below the 4 user roles Mavware understands:
– Company Administrator. (Company owner, or executive with enough legal authority to represent it)
– Supervisor (Employee in charge of other employees, for instance a Manager).
– Operator. (Regular Employee)
– Guest (Not an employee, typically a customer or provider, this role will be available in certain Business Applications).

8) What happens if for some reason I didn't pay for next period of time and my service access is already expired?

Answer: In this situation you and your company users will not be able to access the Business Applications since in Mavware you pay only for the time you consume them, but don’t worry, we will keep all your information for 3 months so you have time to submit your payment, once you submit the payment the access to your Business Applications will be restored and your expiration date will also be adjusted according to the period of time that you selected.

9) Does Mavware provide proof of payment, invoice or receipt?

Answer: Of course, for each payment we received from you, you will see the corresponding invoice using your Mavware Company Administrator Account only clicking in “See my Invoices” in your left menu. You will also receive an email with your invoice.

10) What can I do if I have a question or problem regarding Mavware or a particular service?

Answer: Mavware offers technical support for applicable subscriptions, if your Subscription includes technical support, then you can submit a tickets and we will attend it as soon as possible (our free trial subscriptions include tech support), our culture is to provide an excellent service to our customers, hear your feedback and make sure we provide you a great experience while using our services. If your subscription doesn’t include Technical Support, you can send us a message by way of the Contact section in Mavware official page.

11) Where can I see Mavware Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Answer: You can see them when you access Mavware with your account or if you don’t have an account, you can see at the bottom of the US Mavware Enterprise Network main page, they are also right here: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy.

12) What if I have a basic service access but I want to upgrade?

Answer: You can do that, usually a new Company wants to try a Business Application first with a basic Subscription and then upgrade because they want to adopt it or because they grew up.

13) Can I downgrade a current service I have for my company?

Answer: No, Mavware doesn’t support downgrades automatically, if that is the case, then contact us and we will help you do that.

14) Should customers expect new releases of Business Applications in Mavware Network?

Answer: Absolutely, Mavware has a continuous enhancement process for current Business Applications based in our customers feedback and market tendencies, so yes, soon you will see new releases of our Business Applications and new Applications as well to provide you with better Mavware experience, Check our Announcements section frequently we will post there new releases, features and new Applications.

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