MavDesk Tasks and Files Management

Organize & secure Tasks & Files + KBase

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  • Are you Frustrated when losing important documents & info in emails, phone or backups?
  • Do you know you solved a particular issue long time ago but you just don't remember how?
  • Want to keep files, tasks & relevant discussions together and share them with your team to become more efficient?

We understand that keeping Tasks and important Files together, well organized and secured is not easy, not everyone is careful enough to keep them well organized and it consumes considerable amount of your time, time that you are not getting back.

MavDesk Tasks and Files Management is a feature of MavDesk Software that helps you keep Tasks and Files together along with relevant team discussions securely stored in a single point of contact where you can share them with your team, customers or providers so they can work together while MavDesk captures a powerful Knowledge Database (KBase) you can use to either enhance your business model or train your people.

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Watch a demo

See how MavDesk Tasks and Files Management helps you keep your Tasks and Files well organized and secured and builds your KBase while you spend more time running your business!

  • Secure storage for Tasks Info and Files
  • Access to Tasks info 24/7 from anywhere
  • Single Point of Contact to share Tasks with your team, customers and providers
  • Easily retrieve info from your KBase
  • Keep track of known solutions
  • Manage separate virtual offices in same place

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How it works?

MavDesk a Task Manager System in the Cloud

1. Get for your MavDesk Free Edition

2. Create and configure Virtual Office

3. Manage Tasks, Documents and team discussions, build your KBase

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