MavDesk Remote Collaboration

Working remotely keeps your business running and flexible

Frustrated Owner Looking Working From Home Software
  • Need a secure single point of contact for your team to work from anywhere?
  • Need to securely share and store documents?
  • Frustrated with expensive software hard to setup and nobody helps?

Working from home brings a lot of benefits to both your Business and your team members, but it may turn into a nightmare when you find yourself going through a complex setup process to only end up with a very expensive software with many features you don’t need when your original goal was to just enable a single point of contact where your team can work together.

MavDesk Remote Collaboration is a feature of MavDesk software that you can use to setup that Single Point of Contact you are looking for in minutes following simple steps, for a reasonable price and you can start using it for free!

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Watch a demo

See how MavDesk Remote Collaboration can help you enable single point of contact so that your team members can work together from anywhere  and add following benefits to your business:

  • Single Point of Contact for your team accessible from anywhere 24/7
  • Secure storage for your Documents, Tasks and Messages
  • Affordable price, pay only the time you use
  • No software maintenance
  • Save money and time, no need for a central office, no commuting
  • Engage recurring customers or providers and work together for free!

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How it works?

MavDesk a Task Manager System in the Cloud

1. Get for your MavDesk Free Edition

2. Create and configure Virtual Office

3. Create Tasks, work with your team, customers and providers in same place!

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