Mavdesk Free Edition

MavDesk Free Edition Subscription

MavDesk Free Edition subscription is great option for new entrepreneurs so they can keep control of their workload by helping them manage Tasks info, Documents and Discussions keeping them together, and their customer service well organized and safe while MavDesk builds a useful Knowledge Database (or KBase) which can be accessed anytime from anywhere and used to train team members, re-use documents or to remember ways to solve certain known issues handled long time ago, all this for free! Get your Free Edition Subscription today and let MavDesk help you manage your workload allowing you to save time, money and energy you can better invest in growing your Business.


    – 3 Users
    – Reports Generation
    – (Up to 5) Task Info Reports
    – 2 Guest accounts
    – Departments included: 3
    – Products/Services included: 25
    – Reasons included: 50
    – Contact Methods included: 2
    – Fixes: 50
    – Customers: 5
    – Providers: 3
    – Entities included: 1