MavDesk Customer Service

Build Trust and good reputation among your customers with MavDesk Customer Service

The better you treat your customers the more your business grows! MavDesk Customer Service can help you with that.

Frustrated Business Owner
  • Looking for a solution where you can manage your customers info and service tasks?
  • Looking for way to connect your team with your customers and/or providers?
  • Is customer service becoming a never ending nightmare?

We got you! building trust and keeping customers happy is hard! That’s why an efficient way to handle customer service is very important for your business since will allow you to add values like trust, authority and good reputation that will result in more satisfied customers which will promote your business bringing more customers to you.

MavDesk Customer Service feature allows you to add those values to your business by organizing your tasks, docs and discussions and keeping your team in continuous collaboration with your providers at the same time, building trust between your business and your customers in a single point of contact attending tasks, sharing information and even engage customers to figure out the best way to resolve an issue.

Happy Business Owner

Watch a demo

See how MavDesk Customer Service feature can help you provide an efficient way of handling your customer’s requests, questions, estimates and more. Stop depending on your phone or personal computer where you store valuable unorganized data you can better use to grow your business.

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How it works?

MavDesk a Task Manager System in the Cloud

1. Get for your MavDesk Free Edition

2. Create and configure
Virtual Office

3. Receive Service Requests, share them with your team, collaborate and work to keep your customers happy

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