How to use MavDesk

How to use MavDesk properly?

If you are wondering How to use MavDesk in a proper way so you can maximize your user experience, then read following things to consider before you configure your Virtual Entity in MavDesk.

Things to consider

We know that each business is unique, therefore MavDesk design is agnostic with the intention to fit a lot of business models allowing each one to configure virtual office settings the way that make sense for each business, the way you configure your virtual office settings directly impacts your users usability and experience, to help you improve your usability and user experience, we encourage you to read following considerations to maximize your MavDesk experience:

Products/Services: Keep in mind that each product or service you configure in your entity or virtual office, will be displayed in a drop down menu, which may be difficult for your users if you display more than 100 options on it, so, if you have let’s say 1000 products/services, don’t try to register all of them in your entity settings, instead, use categories and ask your users to be specific in each case description.

Reasons and Departments: Keep in mind that each product or service you register has reasons associated that will be the main drivers for opening a task/ticket/incident or whatever you want to call each case that will be handled by MavDesk, each reason will be handled by a department within your organization which has one supervisor or manager, so, think it like this, each time a user selects a product or service, associated reasons will be loaded and displayed to your users, similar to the previous point, it may be difficult for them if you associate more than 100 reasons for one product/service, so try to avoid configuring more than 20 reasons per product/service, know well your business reasons and re-use them if possible.

Users: If your organization grows and need more users than the ones included in your current Subscription, you can purchase additional users up to a limit defined in your Subscription, once you reach that limit, we encourage you to upgrade your Subscription by way of your Company Admin account in Mavware, also keep in mind that your Company Admin account counts as a used user or seat.

Fixes: Depending on your business, a fix can be considered as a solution to a problem, workaround, fix, procedure description, etc, you don’t have to configure them all at once, with MavDesk, you can register fixes on the go, as you resolve cases, but generally, one reason to open a case has 1 fix or solution, we know that sometimes one reason can have multiple fixes, that’s why each Subscription is designed to handle more fixes than reasons.

Guest Users: Guest user is very limited user role in MavDesk, the intention is to allow you to enable collaboration to external users of your organization so they can see all information collected for the cases created by them, a guest user will not be able to access cases created by internal users in your organization. Guest users will have to access via Mavware portal just like the rest of your users but they can’t see details of your Subscription and of course you are in control of that account all the time, you can reset its password or disable at any time.