How to manage Real Estate more efficiently

How to manage Real Estate more efficiently

1. The challenge to properly manage important documents

When selling or buying a property like a house, apartment, business office, etc… A set of important documents are generated per property, these documents are contracts, agreements or reports. Managing this files can become a real challenge when a Realtor handles multiple properties, if he/she doesn’t pay good attention, documents can be lost, misplace, compromised and may delay your process, email is good but is not designed to keep track of documents, neither shared drives or pen drives (please don’t do this). So you need to find a way to store important documents per property organized and safe.

2. When teamwork and collaboration is needed

Life happens, and there will be sometimes where a Realtor will be sick or unavailable during an important appointment in the process let’s say the closure, and there are multiple closures in multiple properties same date for same Realtor, so should you delay all this processes? your customers will not be happy, unless you have a way to quickly share each property information to another Realtors so they can continue with the process, right?

3. Communications issues are real and consumes lots of valuable time

So, there is a realtors supervisor, a manager or Real Estate business owner that is looking for status on several properties, after sending few SMSs, he decided to call each realtor and ask for status, but non of them answers, they are busy attending customers, showing properties or they don’t simply want to pick up the phone, that is frustrating!

You need a way to see the status on each property, your supervisor wants to know if there are issues or problems to offer help and do what needs to be done to be able to achieve your goal which is either by or sell the properties your business is handling, if there is something wrong you want to know it quickly so you can understand the problem and fix it.

4. When you know you solved something and you just don't remember

Years ago your realtor got a problem with some documents and everything was solved with no complications, now you have the same problem with similar documents  and you don’t remember what did you do last time  or even worst, that realtor is no longer working with you and you have no access to that information that will help you solve this issue now, what will you do to solve this as soon as possible?

If you don’t build a database knowledge you will waste precious time making research again, causing delays and your customers may not be satisfied.


Here is what we suggest to make your real estate business more efficient

We know Real Estate sometimes is difficult to manage that’s why we create an easy tool for  you where you can :

Keep documents in one place

Store all your offers, contracts, reports and other relevant documents in one place

Collaboration and Organization

Enable single point of contact for your organization, keep track of who is working in which property, share documents or templates and assign property cases to different realtors

Get to know what's going on when you need

Get status rightaway reading relevant notes or reviewing documents for each property with no need to make phone calls to find out if you need to improve anything to be more efficient

Knowledge Database

Create your own knowledge database at the same time that you work on your assigned properties, keeping property cases with valuable information and documents that you finished and use them for future reference when having recurring issues or to train new team members

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