How to manage Real Estate Business

Use MavDesk to Manage Real Estate Collaboration

Use MavDesk to manage collaboration in your Real Estate Business, help your realtors and internal team and keep your customers happy

With MavDesk you will be able to:

• Enable Single Point of Contact

Connect your real estate office with your realtors and keep track of every, appointment, offer or documents, so you can have control of your business, even if you have more than 1 office you can manage them as separate virtual offices (entities)

• Enable collaboration on specific tasks or issues

Real Estate management can be a real challenge if you don’t have the right tools, when you use MavDesk you can enable collaboration and every challenge you face will be easier to handle if everybody works as a team

• Keep documents organized per task and in one place

You can keep all your documents, pictures, PDF files, contracts, etc in the same place so if one of your realtors is not available you can ask him/her to assign the case to you so you can access to his/hers info 

• Provide customer support

Take advantage of the MavDesk HTML button functionality for free, using this feature, you can allow your customers to create cases right from your websites or social media portals

• Organization and efficiency 

Define which departments (or teams) attends which case reason, MavDesk will use these definitions to route cases to the right person or group.

Why MavDesk and not others?


Since you just use MavDesk Application the cost will be a lot less than maintaining a software or paying for expensive licenses, with MavDesk you pay only what you used

Easy to use

User friendly design, no need of training, easy to configure, ready to use and no complex integrations

Easily get property status

Get status rightaway reading relevant notes or reviewing documents for each property with no need to make phone calls to find out if you need to improve anything to be more efficient

Knowledge Database

Create your own knowledge database at the same time that you work on assigned properties, keeping property cases with valuable information and documents that you finished and use them for future reference when having recurring issues or to train new team members

Keep documents organized

MavDesk will give piece of mind to your realtors and team keeping documents organized per property

MavDesk will tell you when a case is part of your Knowledge Database or when is under collaboration

Also Mavdesk tells you when a case is marked as incident or if you want to let your guest show a reason