How Collaboration impacts your business success

How Collaboration impacts your business success?

It is very important to understand How Collaboration impacts your business success, Name the business you want and I’m pretty sure that collaboration is being applied somehow, whether you do, landscaping, lawn care, pest control, roofing, air conditioning, construction, health care, software development, social media, restaurants, online marketing, etc, any one, requires collaboration, also freelancers, even they need to collaborate with their clients to understand the work requirements, produce estimates, collect payments and coordinate the deliverables.

How to handle Construction Projects easily?

Let’s take for example a restaurant, how the “Chef” will be able to cook if there are no veggies, chicken, beef, pork, cheese, and all other delicious ingredients you can imagine, either the “Chef” needs to take some time to go out and get them or “Providers” can do that instead, how can people taste the “Chef” creations if they don’t know where to go? Is the “Chef” also in charge of the pricing, menus, logos, marketing? I hope no! The point is that our “Chef” is indeed a main piece of the business but can’t run a single restaurant business alone, so, the ”Chef” needs a team to help in different areas to allow people to taste the result of the “Chef” creations and make business.

And here is the thing, assuming that our “Chef” got a great talent and produces delicious food, unfortunately that talent is not enough to make it popular and run a successful business, just look at your particular case, if you are a business owner or a team leader is because you got a great talents and you master them in whatever you do, you may be the best doing landscaping or lawn care, or roofing, or developing a software, or selling products/services, but sorry, that is not enough! You need also a team to help others enjoy what you do best.

Ok let’s say you got a team, guess what? Still is not enough, that team needs to be efficient and effective to achieve specific goals in timely manner.

Collaboration, the key for your business success

Understanding how collaboration affects your business

So now the question you have to ask yourself is, how can I make my team more efficient? The answer is by way of “Well managed collaboration”or what we call “Smart Collaboration”

Sounds like everybody understands the word “Collaboration”, I’m sure you have a good idea of what that means, but to be in the same page, let’s see what collaboration means in simple words according to Wikipedia and other sources, so we can better understand the benefits it brings to our life:

Collaboration means:

1) Two or more people (Team)
2) Working together
3) To complete a task or achieve a common goal.

No big deal, it looks pretty simple right? So if is that easy to understand, why is so hard to get it right? Why there are so many business outside suffering because of lack of good collaboration?

Lack of collaboration is caused by multiple reasons here you have the main ones:

1) Communication problems within the team
2) People confuses communication with collaboration
3) People doesn’t like to work together
4) Collaboration is not managed properly

Lack of collaboration or not well managed collaboration affects negatively your business performance creating multiple problems like bills not paid, unhappy customers, poor customer service, communication problems, lack of necessary elements to perform your job and so forth.

The fact is that collaboration is present in all business models we know, but sometimes, it creates a powerful workforce that makes business more efficient and effective in a way that can attract more customers which leads to success and growth, this is what you are looking for!, this powerful workforce is produced when the business learns how to properly manage the collaboration between teams, if you are a business owner or a team leader, you may have a great team, but if you don’t properly manage collaboration for sure you have a lot of enhancements opportunities, you may be doing well, but you can do better and this is the main reason of this post, to highlight how can you do better in your business.

Enable Collaboration in your business

If you got this far is because makes sense to you that collaboration is a key ingredient for business success, no matter what type of business or team you run, if you want to achieve success, here are our recommendations to use collaboration to produce a successful business:

1) Use your leadership skills to communicate to your team or crew your business goals, make sure all of you are in the same page.

2) Make sure your team members are engaged with your organization goals and are willing to collaborate, ask them to always be willing to help others and share knowledge and experience.

3) Invest in your team relationships, take some time off with your team to build friendly relationships and trust.

4) Always recognize team members when they perform well.

5) Make sure that communication is clear within your team.

6) Collect valuable information while executing your business process, mainly information that will tell you how well or bad are you doing while running your business

7) Find a tool/system you can afford to manage your collaboration.

As you can see there is no magic formula to build a successful business, but is not that hard! Understanding how collaboration affects your business performance is so important these days.

If you complete recommendations 1 thru 6, guest what? You just enabled good collaboration within your Business which is very good, but don’t stop there, today you can go to the next level and turn your collaboration into Smart Collaboration by acting on recommendation 7 which is Fantastic, find a tool that works for your particular type of business, your team members should be able to use it while working on the field (if you do on site service delivery) or in the office, home, etc, make sure it allows to upload important documents, keep them organized by case or ticket, collect comments and important information and build a knowledge database so you can continuously enhance your product or service to get more happy customers which means good chance of more referrals.

If you already have a system or tool that manages collaboration within your organization and if you are paying a software engineer, server and/or electricity bills to keep it running? Stop doing that and get rid of it as soon as possible and put that money back to your business budget, invest it in things that will capture more customers for you, like for example using your software (or IT) engineer to build your custom application and use it to capture more customers. Instead of you maintaining your own collaboration tool, use a secure cloud based application and pay only for what you use, this should be a lot less of what you pay for your in-house collaboration tool.


Turn collaboration into Smart Collaboration

We can help you with recommendation 7, adopt MavDesk our Secure Cloud application that will help you to quickly enable:

• Single Point of Contact
• Collaboration on specific tasks or issues
• Documents organization per task and in one place
• Knowledge Database collection
• Customer Support

Start doing Smart Collaboration as follows:

1) Sign Up for free trial here
2) Create and Configure your virtual entity
3) Use it

Once you create a good collaboration that is well managed by a system or tool (MavDesk), you will start saving money and there is no reason for you to not see improvements and growth in your business.

MavDesk a Task Manager System in the Cloud

Why MavDesk and not others?

MavDesk offers a lot of benefits that others don’t, here are the most relevant ones:

1) Is Affordable others don’t
2) No complex integrations
3) MavDesk design is flexible so it can be used by people that runs software development, roofing, landscaping, restaurants, online marketing, pest control, air conditioning, construction and more, others are more focused on Software development, and project management
4) MavDesk is more secure than others since provides 3 security layers, password, HTTPS and internal session info is also encrypted, others only secure your account with password and SSL
5) MavDesk will tell you when a case is part of your Knowledge Database, when is an Incident or when is under collaboration, others don’t
6) MavDesk allows you to define where each case should be routed based on selected product/service and reason, each reason is associated to a department within your organization so cases are always routed to the right person, others can’t do this that simple
7) MavDesk allows you to engage people that are external to your organization while is needed and that is for free!!! With others this is not easy or you have to pay extra
8) MavDesk allows you to integrate its case creation page into your websites allowing your customers/providers create cases in your virtual office, others don’t do this
9) MavDesk is easy to use, others comes with a lot of confusing menus and will consume your time explaining a bunch of other fancy “features” you don’t really need but you will pay for

You are not alone

Finally, if you decide to follow our recommendations adopting MavDesk, you don’t have to be on your own, we want to help! So feel free to reach out so we can assist you during your transition and be there to capture your successful story, this is another benefit you get while adopting MavDesk we help, others don’t:

Quick Recap

* You learned that collaboration is needed in all regular business.

* You learned how collaboration affects your business.

* You got recommendations on how to enable collaboration in your business.

* You learned a way to save money by replacing your in-house collaboration/serviceDesk/helpDesk software with a secure cloud application.

* You learned a way to enable collaboration and turn it into Smart Collaboration using a secure cloud application (MavDesk) and that you can act on that today taking advantage of the Free Trial.

Next steps

Once you see the benefits of Smart Collaboration like, less unpaid bills, improvements in communication within your team, more happy customers, business process problems detection, identification of solutions for recurring problems and so forth, then you will have the basis for your next step which will be “Collective Intelligence or CI”, that topic will be covered in other post soon.

Good luck in your journey! We hope we can see how you get the successful business you are looking for.