MavDesk Howtos


How to create and configure and entity (virtual office) in MavDesk

Once you got access to MavDesk service, you need to setup at least 1 entity or virtual office before you can start using MavDesk, with this video you will learn how to do the following:

1 ) Create new entity
2) Configure entity settings (departments, products/services, contact methods, fixes, email alerts and reasons)
3) Add users (operators and supervisors)
4) Assign supervisors to existing departments

How to add MavDesk HTML button to your websites

MavDesk button is a powerful feature that allows your customers or providers to create cases (tickets) that you can manage in your configured entity right from your website, social networks and other portals, this is great since the requestor will be able to attach files, specify contact method and other detailed information, see video below and learn how you can add MavDesk button in minutes to your website:

How to create a guest account

A guest account is an account type that allows your company admin to give access to your MavDesk service to external people, usually customers or providers with whom your business collaborates frequently, users with guest accounts are very limited, they can only login to your MavDesk entity via Mavware and will be able to only create cases and see information of only the cases they created, learn how you can easely create and assign a guest account to an external user, customer or provider:

How to use MavDesk Known Fixes Info feature

MavDesk “Known Fixes Info” feature allows you to provide fixes or solutions information to your users while creating a case or ticket, this way MavDesk helps you reduce the number of recurring issues or incidents so you can focus on issues that matters!

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