Use MavDesk to manage construction projects

If you are looking for the best way to manage construction projects, we have the right solution for you

MavDesk will help you with:

• Enable Single Point of Contact

Connect your office with your field, your crew members with providers and customers

Use MavDesk for Construction Management

• Enable collaboration on specific tasks or issues

Construction management can be easier when everybody collaborates creating a powerful workforce that makes your business more efficient in a way that can attract more customers and business growth,

• Keep documents organized per task and in one place

Never misplace or forget an important document or file

• Provide customer support

Take advantage of your free Guest Accounts included in all MavDesk service access plans and create accounts for your customers and/or providers, collaborate with them and keep them happy

• Organization and efficiency

Define which departments or teams attends which case reason

Why MavDesk and not others?


Since you just use MavDesk Application the cost will be a lot less than maintaining a software or paying for expensive licenses, with MavDesk you pay only what you used

Easy to use

User friendly design, no need of training, easy to configure, ready to use and no complex integrations


MavDesk secures your data using 4 ways: access with password protection, password is encrypted, data transmission is encrypted with HTTPS and Data stored in your session is also encrypted. Our competitors provides only 2 or less ways of protection of your data.

Collaborate with external users for free

MavDesk allows you to collaborate with people that are external to your organization while is needed and that is for free!!! With others this is not easy or you have to pay extra

MavDesk will tell you when a case is part of your Knowledge Database or when is under collaboration

Also Mavdesk tells you when a case is marked as incident or if you want to let your guest show a reason

See MavDesk in action:

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