How to quickly enable collaboration with MavDesk.

How to quickly enable collaboration

Are you in need to quickly enable collaboration for a project you are working on?

Sometimes even large organizations struggles enabling collaboration for small teams, those organizations have so many systems and fancy tools and processes that there is no way to skip tedious process and just start collaborating. Have you been in this situation? If so, keep reading.

Well, we build MavDesk to help you with that, no matter if you are an employee of a big organization, medium or small business, if you need to start collaborating in a project or complex task with your team members, use MavDesk and you can quickly enable single point of contact and start collaborating with your team members in minutes. Just do the following:

1 ) Sign up for free trial or purchase a service access plan

2) Create and configure your virtual office (Entity).

3) Create a case(s) in which you need to collaborate

4) Start collaboration

You just pay for the time you use, and don’t worry about security, we have you covered, all your files are stored in our secure cloud environment, your access and session are protected by password and  SSL channel encryption also internal data stored in your session is encrypted.

If you need to collaborate with people that is external to your organization, you can do that also with MavDesk by creating Guest Users and give them access to cases they create or cases you want to share with them.

If you have questions, please reach out by clicking in the “Contact us” button located in the footer of this page.

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