How to improve on site service delivery

How to improve on site service delivery (5 Tips)

If you are in the pest control, carpet cleaner, A/C unit installation, lawn care, fence installation, housekeeping, handy man or landscaping business and you have faced problems like unsatisfied customers, lack of communication between your crew members, misunderstandings or customer complaints, then you should be looking for a way that helps you take care of your customers in order to keep your operations under control and make sure your customers are getting a high quality service, so your business can grow.
You can take advantage of technology to make your business more efficient in a way that you keep customers happy and get more referrals. There are multiple ways in which you can do that, you either download, install and maintain a system that helps you manage collaboration between your  teams and collect information that helps you make sure you are providing a good quality service or you use one of this systems available over the internet, also and obviously, you need to well train your crew members to properly treat customers, be kind with them, and always try to exceed their expectations or at least meet them.

As a business owner, you also need to think in costs and reserve a budget to invest in a system that can help you manage collaboration between your teams, which may become expensive if you want to maintain it yourself, just think about it, for example if you are planning to install it and maintain it in your own, you may end up with an average annual cost of $3,700 USD for one server or machine (assuming you find the software for free, if no then add the license cost to your budget), plus the salary of the IT personnel that maintains the system, let’s say a software developer only (annually average salary range between $45,000 – $85,000), that is a considerable amount of money that is coming out of your business budget.

Having a local collaboration system may also involve things like:

  1. Software License payment
  2. Training for both end users and IT employees
  3. Maintenance like constant upgrades, software downloads that takes forever
  4. Extra cost for support or consultancy fees
  5. Needs server and storage access

You can instead, pay an access to use a collaboration tool or system in the cloud that will cost an average of $1,500 USD and you don’t need to pay for your own server and IT Personnel and without all other headaches, more than likely if you go with this option the tool should be ready to use, but still you may face following issues:

  1. Complex configuration process
  2. Training may be required for your end users
  3. Complex integration process (you may still need an IT employee to do this)

Decent Collaboration tools are user friendly, easy to use and will not require training, it should provide you with 24/7 access to all your users via any device, case id and priority management, file organization per case and so forth.

Once you find a tool that manages collaboration and collect valuable information about your on site service delivery, do the following to make your business more efficient and achieve customer happiness so you can grow your business:

a) Create a case for each onsite service delivery:

Make sure your Collaboration tool allows you to keep track of every customer and access each case info 24/7. When you create a case for each customer you are keeping track of every service your personnel performs, you have status of each of the service and also you keep a clear communication between your personnel and you and also with your customers when you open a guest account.

b) Make sure each case is assigned to the right crew member:

This is important for you to get status right away instead of contacting each crew member by phone, SMS etc, this will also help you know who is working in what task.

c) Ask your crew members to add evidence and notes to each case:

Make sure your collaboration tool or system allows your crew members to add files to the case like pictures, invoice files, receipts, contracts etcetera. In order to keep evidence for future reference in case you receive questions or complaints from customers so you can clarify miss understandings, also it will help you see status of each case like when they finish the job, they can upload the invoice for the service delivered and you can keep track of the payment from your customers, and also keep track of expenses you can then use when submitting your tax returns.

d) Ask your crew members to post relevant notes in each case while performing the service:

Make sure your collaboration tool enables single point of contact for your crew members, this means, all of them can access the information of each created case anytime so they can read notes, post notes, consume files, add files and so forth, so your personnel know things like there’s a change in the appointment because the customer won’t be able or if they ask for special treatment, in case the assignee crew member needs assistance while performing the service.

e) Build a knowledge Database:

This is important because every time you face a situation like a specific issue with a customer like misunderstanding or any kind of problem you have, you can keep it on record, so in the future you already know what to do and how you can fix it, how many times you have similar problems and doesn’t remember what you did to fix it? Well, if you have your knowledge database you can search, find and re-use your solution. Also you can use this to train new members of your team and quickly resolve recurring issues, using this technique your team will be well prepared in case of recurring issues while performing the service.

We hope this 5 tips helps you make your business more efficient and get more happy customers which will lead your business to grow, we encourage you to take advantage of Cloud applications and technology for your business and start acting today, we highly recommend you to start using M@vDesk which is a Customer support and Collaboration tool in the cloud that you can use to put in practice all 5 tips listed above, become more efficient and competitive with no need to invest in software development, maintenance or expensive computer equipment like servers, all you have to do is:

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2.-Create and configure your virtual office

3.-Start creating cases to manage your onsite service deliveries

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