Freelance management tips to get more customers

Freelance management tips to get more customers

Are you struggling with communication issues? Misplacing important papers or e mails? Are you a freelancer that works with multiple customers at the same time? Are you dealing with customer support? If you are a photographer, writer, journalist, software developer, web designer, graphic designer or translator and work as a freelancer you definitely need to read this.

Freelancing is good in many ways, you are your own boss, you manage your own dates and deadlines, work independent, the freedom of choice, you don’t have to stick to a schedule like in a regular job, you take the important and relevant decisions and you have all the credit for your job etc. But also there are some responsibilities you need to deal with like search your own customers, keep lots of files and important documents in order, you have to play every role in your business dealing with all kind of customers, chasing them for payments, handling your expenses on so forth.

The best way to handle all your workload is yes working hard, but also in a smart way which means use tools and techniques that helps you reduce manual steps like managing and organizing files for each project you work on, managing communications, notes and that kind of stuff, when you only work hard you just manage everything with no assistance at all and that consumes lots of time and energy that you can better use to concentrate in the important things like getting more customers, your deliverables, make sure there are no miss communications, attend meetings with your customers, etc.

Here are our suggestions for you to become more efficient as a freelancer and be able to handle more customers and keep them happy:

1.- Keep all your files in one place and per customer (case). One of the best way of keep everything organized is getting all your customer’s information in one place, if you are that kind of people who creates a folder per customer, you are organized but if you aren’t you may be in trouble in the future because you don’t know where are the files you are looking for, so we suggest to create a case per customer in order to have all the information you need in one place like files, contracts, pictures etc. so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of file locations, or where to find the files also let a good tool or application manage this cases for you.

“For example: Let’s say a web designer is having many requests in his email account and he begins to misplacing files because as soon as he sends an email to a customer, another one answer back and he starts to lose the sequence between each of his customers, one is asking for a quote, another is asking for specific job and other is trying to get a consultation, but the web designer is getting too much request and he can’t keep everything on track so he start to feel frustrated. Email systems are good to get in touch with customers but is difficult to keep track of conversations and files, to avoid this keep every file per customer in one place not in your email.”

2.- Collaborate with your customers and automate notifications. Choose a decent collaboration tool in the cloud this can be useful because you will be able to provide notifications to other users to let them know what is going on, providing real time status instead of having phone calls, phone calls are not always best way of communication because the user are not always available to answer or you may not be able to remember important things, so it is better to add important notes or decisions to each case so you and your customers don’t forget, also let your collaboration tool manage all this aspects so you can keep track of every step of the work, collaboration is important, when you constantly interact with your customers they will be satisfied because you are providing a quality job and you let them know you care about them.

“In the same example let’s say a web designer adds a button in his webpage that allows customers to create service requests, the web designer sees the customer’s request and contacts him/her, then both can collaborate using their user accounts so they can share estimates, special request, pictures, contracts, etc… that way the customer can login when ever he/she needs status and will have access to the information right away.”

3.- Build Knowledge Database. For future reference, this allows you to better manage the challenges you can face in the future and learn from past mistakes and also reinforce the service you provide to your customers. That’s why we suggest to add relevant notes to every case you have because you will be able to collect all the information you need in the future.

“If the web designer starts to use a collaboration tool 5 years ago, today he will be able to manage his issues with his customers faster and easier, because as a human he can forget specific details but not the collaboration tool which is a system so he can check every time he needs his information.”

4.- Provide customer support if you deliver websites or something that needs maintenance. Customer support is very important if you want to keep your customers but also if you want to get new ones. When you have access to a collaboration tool in the cloud you will be able to give that quality service every customer is asking for.

“For instance, let’s say that a web designer just delivered a new website to a customer, but later the customer noted a problem with the website, in this case, more than likely the customer will contact the web designer and let him know about the problem, here the web designer asks the customer to create a technical support ticket or case in the same collaboration tool, (make sure your collaboration tool allows external users to create tickets or incidents for you to manage, if possible from your own website). You want to do this because you can create an incident with error details so you can better do a troubleshooting and discover the problem and document the solution which will be part of your database knowledge.”


Happy Customers will stay with you and also recommend your quality services to their friends and family and send them your way so if you want to get more customers think about our suggestions in this post.

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