Work together, Manage Tasks and Docs and keep your Customers happy with MavDesk!

Task Manager System in the Cloud

Grow your business using MavDesk

MavDesk is a software available in the Cloud for all USA Companies that is ideal for:

  • Small companies or business owners that need to manage customers or providers databases, build trust, confidence and reputation among their recurring Customers and/or Providers by way of efficiently handle Customer Service
  • Small companies or business owners that need a single point of contact for their team to collaborate, share information, connect an office with a crew in field, engage customers or providers.
  • Small companies or business owners that are looking for a centralized solution where they can securely store and manage Tasks, and important information like procedures, documents, estimates, reports, images and more.

Keep both your employees and business safe during Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

With recent Coronavirus outbreak, lots of companies are still trying to help stop the virus propagation by asking applicable employees to work from home so that physical contact is avoided and virus propagation risk is reduced, but working from home could be challenged to manage if you don’t have the right tool.

Mavware LLC provides MavDesk Software which can be used by any business owner or company within USA to quickly setup a Virtual Office to manage work from home for your applicable employees, so you can keep your operations running while MavDesk helps you keep your employees safe, manages your tasks, collaboration and important documents for you.

Because of Coronavirus situation, Mavware LLC has released MavDesk Free Edition Subscription so that all American businesses (Specially small business owners) that are in need to work from home and any upgrade will be done for free during COVID-19 crisis, all you have to do is click in “Try Free Edition” button and we will work with you to setup MavDesk for your company so you can keep running your business while keep your employees safe in this difficult times.

Use MavDesk for:

Why you should use MavDesk instead of your own Task Manager System?

  • Allow Task creation from your website
  • Decrease recurring issues by sharing solutions info with your customers
  • No expensive licenses, use same software for multiple offices
  • Available 24/7 all year
  • No software maintenance
  • No Contracts, pay only for the time you need.

Smart collaboration enables a powerful workforce that as a result, makes your business more intelligent, efficient and attractive for other customers leading to growth, we build MavDesk to help you get there! Below are the additional values your are getting while using MavDesk in your business:

More benefits you get when use MavDesk:

Single Point of Contact with Task Manager System in the Cloud
Quickly enable Single Point of Contact
Knowledge Database in a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Build knowledge Database
Keep files organized in a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Keep Files organized and in one place
Keep Happy Customers with a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Quickly enable collaboration
Provide customer support with a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Provide Customer Service
Connect Departments and Reasons in a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Connect Departments with specific case reasons
Associate Prod/Services with reasons in a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Associates each product or service with specific reasons
Engage external contractors with a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Collaborate with external contractors using Guest Accounts
Extend Task Creation to your website with a Task Manager System in the Cloud
Add Task creation button to your websites

What's next?

MavDesk a Task Manager System in the Cloud

1. Sign Up for your MavDesk Free Edition

2. Create and configure your
Virtual Office (Entity)

3. Work together, Organize your Tasks and Documents, Take care of your Customers



Free Edition

Per Month

  • 3 Users
  • 2 Free Guest Users
  • Customers Service Management
  • Tasks and Docs. Management
  • Virtual Office and Collaboration
  • Reports Generation


Per Month

  • 6 Users
  • 6 Free Guest Users
  • Free Edition Subscription Features
  • Scale up


Per Month

  • 20 Users
  • 20 Free Guest Users
  • Basic Subscription Features
  • Technical Support
  • Relevant email alerts
  • Background agent


Per Month

  • 50 Users
  • 50 Free Guest Users
  • Medium Subscription Features