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Time / resources

Is your business wasting time, money and resources because of disorganization?


Are you having miscommunication between  your teams? Wasting precious time looking for important documents?

Customer Service

Are you not able to provide the customer support you want to? Are your customers unhappy?


Do you need to quickly enable collaboration without having to spend days configuring, integrating systems or training your users?

We understand  how challenging is to keep  track complex projects, time lines and people while solving your customer’s problems!

If you don’t make your business more efficient you will continue to lose money and customers.


Don't worry, M@vDesk customer support and collaboration tool is here!

A powerful easy to use Service Desk in the cloud to help you:
Keep everything in one place

Enables single point of contact and data collections for teams working in a virtual office

Build knowledge Database

Collects relevant information and docs that can be re-used for recurrent issues/tasks

Keep due dates on time

Helps you meet your due dates using Case ID, Priority management system and reports

Keep customers happy

Helps you increase happy customers by making sure they received what you promised

Start making your business more efficient, get customer happiness and turn from small to a bigger business today!

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Why M@vDesk?

Connect Departments with specific case reasons
Associates each product or service with specific reasons
Enables collaboration with external users via Guest Accounts
Extends case creation capability to multiple websites using HTML Button

How it Works?

1. Sign Up for your M@vDesk Free Trail

2. Create and configure your
Virtual Office

3. Create Cases, collaborate, increase efficiency. and get happy customers

M@vDesk Howtos section

This is a helpful section for all new M@vDesk users, in which you will find helpful information for you to learn how to do a particular task in M@vDesk, as part of our continuous improvement process we keep updating this section constantly for your convenience.


Service Access Plans (SAPs)



Per Month

  • 10 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • 20 Free Guest Users
  • Public Case Creation Button


Per Month

  • 50 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • Technical Support
  • Relevant email alerts
  • 50 Free Guest Users
  • Public Case Creation Button


Per Month

  • 100 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • Technical Support
  • Relevant Email Alerts
  • 100 Free Guest Users
  • Background Agent
  • Public Case Creation Button

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