Deliver better service experience with MavDesk

Customer support, collaboration and task management software

MavDesk is an intuitive, affordable and secure software you can use to keep tasks and documents organized for you and connect teams with customers and providers, no software to download or maintain, no complex integrations or configurations, watch a quick demo:

Affordable Prices

Fast Configuration

Easy to Use

Customer support

Get customer happiness!

Allow your customers to create incidents or requests from your website or social media channels and take good care of them and get even more customers from your happy customers!


Enable collaboration easily!

Provide single point of contact for your teams, customers and/or providers and allow them access to valuable resources like tasks, incidents, cases, documents, notes, etc, keep tasks and documents organized and build your knowledge database while running your business

Task Management

Spend more time running your business!

Configure your Virtual Office settings and let MavDesk organize and manage your tasks/cases/incidents/requests and documents for you

Why MavDesk?

Smart collaboration enables a powerful workforce that makes your business more intelligent, efficient, effective and attractive for more customers leading to business growth, we build MavDesk to help you get there! Below are the values your are getting while using MavDesk:

Quickly enable Single Point of Contact
Build knowledge Database
Keep Files organized and in one place
Quickly enable collaboration
Provide Customer Support
Connect Departments with specific case reasons
Associates each product or service with specific reasons
Enables collaboration with external users via Guest Accounts
Extends case creation capability to multiple websites using HTML Button

How it works?

1. Sign Up for your MavDesk Free Trial

2. Create and configure your
Virtual Office (Entity)

3. Create Cases/Tasks/Incidents/requests, collaborate, increase efficiency. and get happy customers





Per Month

  • 10 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • 20 Free Guest Users
  • Public Case Creation Button


Per Month

  • 50 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • Technical Support
  • Relevant email alerts
  • 50 Free Guest Users
  • Public Case Creation Button


Per Month

  • 100 Users
  • Reports Generation
  • Technical Support
  • Relevant Email Alerts
  • 100 Free Guest Users
  • Background Agent
  • Public Case Creation Button

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