Business Applications as a Service
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What Business Applications as a Service means?

A Business Applications as a Service (BAaaS also known as Software as a Service for Businesses), is a software available in the Cloud that multiple Companies or Business Owners can use to automate or manage their processes.

Companies are adopting Business Applications as a Service more and more because they allow them to save considerable amount of money and time since they can quickly automate internal processes with no need to spend resources in software maintenance or development, dealing with software is now responsibility of the Cloud Provider.

Business Applications as a Service for all United States:

Mavware is a Cloud Provider that builds Business Applications as a Service in the cloud so they are ready to use, we keep them updated and up and running while you focus on running your business. Using our software applications your business will become more efficient and competitive and will also help you put money back into your business budget. Available Applications:

MavDesk, our Business Application as a Service for Task, Documents and teams management


MavDesk is a Software to manage Tasks, Documents, Collaboration and Customer Support

MavWarehouse, our Business Application as a Service for Warehouse Management


MavWarehouse is a Software to manage Purchase, Sales and Transfer Orders for 1 or multiple Warehouses

Why Business Applications as a Service?

When you need a non-common software application with very specific needs for your business, make sense to develop and maintaining it by your business, but if you need a common software then adopting Business Applications as a Service will bring a lot of benefits to your business, see below the main ones:

Save Money

Using Business Applications as a Service the cost is a lot less than maintaining or developing customized software

More Space

Use your facilities space to run your business not to store IT equipment, our Business Applications are stored and maintained in our data centers


Use your time to run your business instead of dealing with Software, we makes monitor our Business Applications

Always Available

Our Business Applications are available 99% of the time and the good part of this is that is not up to your business


Our Business Applications as a Service comes with 4 layers of data security: user and encrypted password, encrypted data transmission, data in session and in file system.

Improved Mobility

Business Applications as a Service will be available 24/7 accessible anywhere from any device with Internet access

Improved Collaboration

Business Application as a Service are accessible from anywhere, so collaboration between your team members is easier

No Maintenance

We maintain and upgrade our Business Applications, while you focus on making your business more efficient using our software

How to use a Business Applications as a Service?

How to subscribe to our business applications as a Service

Business Applications as a Service are used by other Companies using subscriptions, you can subscribe to our Application(s) in 3 easy steps:

1) Sign Up

2) Configure your Application

3) Use your Application


Our announcements

– (Jan 1st, 2020) Mavware wishes you a Happy New Year 2020! Because of the holidays and to show our appreciation for your business, we are extending our available free trial subscriptions for both MavDesk and MavWarehouse from 15 days up to 1 month so you can try and experiment with them to make sure is a good fit for your business, all you have to do is the following (valid for US only until Jan/15/2020):

1) Sign up for the free trial subscription you selected (MavDesk or MavWarehouse)

2) Click here to send a message to Mavware team with the appropriate offer code asking to extend the free trial subscription:

   a) Offer Code for MavDesk: MAVDESK1_MONTH_FT

   b) Offer Code for MavWarehouse: MAVWAREHOUSE1_MONTH_FT

(Dec 14th, 2019) MavWarehouse our Business Application for Warehouse Management is now available in the cloud, try it for free today and see how easy is to manage multiple warehouses and users in one place.

MavWarehouse, our Business Application as a Service for Warehouse Management


An affordable Warehouse Management System (WMS)

– (Dec 14th, 2019) “Known Fixes Info” feature is now available for all US States, this feature will allow your customers/users to resolve issues themselves instead of creating new tickets/cases for a reason that already has a documented Fix or Solution available so your business can take recurring issues away and focus on tasks that require real effort! Try it Signing up for free trial today!

MavDesk known fixes feature

See Known Fixes Info Feature demo:

Contact us

Contact Mavware

Your opinion matters to us, we want to hear from you whether you have questions, comments, suggestions or concerns, please let us know, your voice help us improve our services so we can better serve you

About us

About us
Mavware is a team of talented IT professionals that enjoys to serve others, we strongly believe that the best way of doing business is by way of creating win-win relationships with others.
Our passion is to use technology to help other people to save time, money and effort, so they can focus on what really matters in their particular life, come and work with us, we can build something awesome together!

Our Vision

Our Vision

Mavware vision is to become a leader in technology that helps any business size to become more efficient by way of not only collaboration but Smart Collaboration creating a reliable and secure enterprise ecosystem for all companies in USA.

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